Janan Ganesh offers council to the Republicans & The Reader can share in this opportunity!

Political Reporter comments.

In the Ganesh Political World, a thick slice from the remains of Miss Havisham’s wedding cake, is never out of place! No matter how unappetizing!

The bay views, the pastel homes, the human suffering: no city does less with more than San Francisco. How a place so spoilt for assets became a byword for rough-sleeping and urban dysfunction is, for Republicans, obvious. It is the fruit of liberal governance. What that diagnosis lacks in nuance it more than makes up for in national electoral resonance. Disorder in US cities is one theme the party hopes to ride to midterm glory next year.

The Enlightened Masters of the Internet Age, in Silicone Valley, have the cash, on or offshore, to render the crisis of homelessness in their own cities, and municipalities, if they could stop acting like the Aristocracy of pre-revolutionary Russia. Recall Edward Crankshaw’s 1976 ‘The Shadow of the Winter Palace: Russia’s Drift to Revolution, 1825-1917’ ? Or has my penchant for hyperbole … This in its own oblique way a riposte to the ‘liberal governance’ slur?

Mr. Ganesh appetite for political gore is unslakable.

Count the others, if you have the time. Inflation is up under a high-spending Democratic president. The border with Mexico slips in and out of crisis. The cultural left’s inroads into education trouble even liberal-minded parents of school-age children. Tot it all up and Congress should be the least of the prizes. Republicans dream of an ascendancy that lasts as long as it takes the Democrats to see that liberalism and “anything-goes” are different creeds.

Who can resist these two sentence awash in the California Squatter Mentality, of Reaganism’s past, and its evolution in the political present. Pete Wilson’s Prop 187 in proximity to Anti-Left hysterics.

The border with Mexico slips in and out of crisis. The cultural left’s inroads into education trouble even liberal-minded parents of school-age children.

Then comes Mr. Ganesh’s admonition to these Squatters. to ‘check their present exuberance’ followed by this near epigrammatic ‘One is the natural rhythm of politics.’ This mere 170 word introduction, to a History Made To Measure, as imagined/conceived as political object lesson to caution Republicans on their ‘exuberance’.

But note that Mr. Ganesh’s essay presents something of political interest, if the reader is patient, while making her way though the thickest of ‘political analysis’:

Once more, the party is underestimating how well a messily begotten reform can work for its authors over time. From the southern border to the urban crime wave to Kabul, the root of Biden’s unpopularity is a lack of executive grip. Republicans have persuaded themselves that it is “socialism”.

In the aftermath of the complete collapse of the Neo-Liberal Swindle in 2008, and the obscene profits enjoyed by Capital , via the political cowardice of Obama: whose ‘lets put this behind us’ and his Simpson-Bowles, that sank like a stone – Biden is no Socialist, but a Neo-Liberal, who must do something that resembles The New Deal, but is not an actual threat to Capital. This is Bidens Last Act so the facsimile, must at least resemble the original, but not be actual Reform.

The pressing question, not withstanding this not quite engaging History Made to Measure, is which Republicans is Mr. Ganesh addressing? Mitch McConnell, or Mule- Piss Mitch as Mr. Ganesh once dubbed him? David Frum, who now presents himself as a Wise Republican Elder, a self promotion from jingle writer for The War On Terror? Rich Lowry of National Review? The Lincoln Project? And certainly not Josh Hawley, of the raised clenched fist, not seen since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics? The answer is that ‘we’ the readers are the target audience for Mr. Ganesh’s political moralizing!

The fact is that Trump controls the Republican Party, like the Clintons control the New Democrats.

Political Reporter


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