Edward Luce on ‘The battle for the minds of American children’ !

Political Radical comments.

In his 810 word essay Mr. Luce identifies “critical race theory” that acts as the in-order-too, of diminishing the importance of this confrontation, with a pervasive and institutionalized practice, by placing it in lower case letters. Race has shaped a belief system that defines the American Experiment, no matter how vehemently the denial is politically articulated. The pose Mr. Luce adopts is that of ‘Reporter’ on the American Political Landscape, but the practice of ‘diminishment’ renders that stance null !

I have read the first three chapters of Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic’s ‘Critical Race Theory An Introduction, Third Edition’, and can see why this expressions has raised the ire ‘Conservatives’. The Neo-Liberals will follow, if they haven’t already joined in the usual political hysteria. Critical Race Theory places the onus on each political actor, to examine their presuppositions, assumptions, prejudices about the ‘Other’! Yet in The America of the myth of ‘The Melting Pot’ that ‘Other’ is ubiquitous!

At its core Critical Race Theory is based on an critical examination of the self, and its relation to the polity, the civic space all of us occupy: even those who aspire to be citizens of America, known as ‘illegal immigrants’ , who are entitled to the full protection of law! This last sentence articulates an uncomfortable truth to the Conservative and Neo-Liberals, who celebrates ‘Traditional Values’ steeped in the care and maintenance of white male power as a political/moral sine qua non!

Political Radical

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