predicts doom for ‘The West’!

Political Cynic …

Its not ‘The West’ that is under threat! It is the American Empire and its murderous incompetence, which is not collapsing, but is crumbling from the inside: Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema hold the fate of The Republic in their trembling, but greedy, hands!

Next question: Recall those 37 million refugees?

While Mr. Rachman riffs on Chicken Little and breathlessly predicts that ‘Doom‘ awaits ‘us’, like Niall Ferguson? If the ‘West’ doesn’t ‘circle the wagons’. My cliché mongering almost matches that of a Financial Times pundit?

This is a howler :

America’s ability to play the role of honest broker is complicated by Aukus

Though I must admit that Thomas Friedman wins hands down with his latest essay at The New York Times:,

Would Russia or China Help Us if We Were Invaded by Space Aliens?

Nov. 1, 2021  

Political Cynic  

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