The London Times can’t let go of Jeremy Corbyn, and the myth of ‘Labour Anti-Semitism’.

Political Radical explores the political fixation.

Who can forget this ‘review’ published Sunday February 24 2019 in the venerable Times?

Headline: Review: Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power by Tom Bower — portrait of a monomaniac

Sub-headline: If Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister, he would easily be the most dangerous, most indolent and least intelligent holder of the office in history

This is one of the most depressing books I have ever read. It is a forensically detailed portrait of a man with no inner life, a monomaniac suffused with an overwhelming sense of his own righteousness, a private schoolboy who failed one A-level and got two Es in the others, a polytechnic dropout whose first wife never knew him to read a book.

It is the story of a man who does not appear to have gone to the cinema or listened to music, takes no interest in art or fashion and refused to visit Vienna’s magnificent Schönbrunn Palace because it was “royal”. It tells how he bitterly opposed the Anglo-Irish Agreement, deeply regretted the fall of the Berlin Wall and praised the men who attacked New York on September 11, 2001, for showing an “enormous amount of skill”. In some parallel universe, this man would currently be living in well-deserved obscurity. In reality, Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition and the bookmakers’ favourite to become our next prime minister.

Call this political hysteria mongering, made to measure. Mr. Sandbrook presents his CV, and the details of his employment as a writer on politics.

I have written for almost all major British papers, as well as some international papers. I now write exclusively for the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times. I was nominated as Critic of the Year in the National Press Awards for 2018.

In the past, I was a regular columnist for the London Evening Standard and the New Statesman. I have written a monthly column for BBC History Magazine since 2006.

Being an Oxbridger, his political conformity to the imperatives of advantageous political positions, is amply demonstared by his attack on Corbyn:

‘a man with no inner life, a monomaniac suffused with an overwhelming sense of his own righteousness, a private schoolboy who failed one A-level and got two Es in the others, a polytechnic dropout whose first wife never knew him to read a book.’

Mr. Corbyn is/was a once illiterate brother to Satan himself , or maybe just a run of the mill sociopath? Think of what Mr. Sandbrook could have accomplished, in the days when Psychoanalysis was the favored psychological methodology, for demonstrating heretical thought?

In the TLS of October 22, 2021 Keith Kahn-Harris reviews two books:

Headline: What went wrong

Sub-headline: Assessing the fallout of antisemitism in the Labour Party


Antisemitism and the Labour Party
Verso. ebook. gratis.

Jewish Voice for Labour


What the left got wrong and how to learn from it
230pp. Routledge. £120 (paperback, £19.99).

David Renton

What went wrong

The last paragraph of Mr. Kahn-Harris’ review points to the utter lack of candor/honesty of the critics of ‘Corbynite Left’ :

In any case, as Renton himself argues, it is difficult in the age of social media to know how political education and reasoned discussion can counteract the slew of turbocharged online hate. But then, this isn’t just a problem for the Labour Party and it would be unfair to have expected the Corbynite Left to solve it on its own. It was, however, fair to expect the party under Corbyn to have acknowledged the challenge and taken its share of responsibility for addressing it. David Renton’s call to do just that makes his book a valuable contribution to the debate on left-wing antisemitism, while JVL’s refusal of responsibility makes theirs nothing more than a continuation of the conflict that perpetuated the problem.

The ‘problem’ with Corbyn and the ‘Corbynite Left’ is that they campaign, without apology for Palestinian Rights! In response to the Genocide-On-The-Installment-Plan of the Zionist Faschist State. So the Bespoke Suited Victimologists, like Mr. Sandbrook and Mr. Kahn-Harris, can parade their political virtue as moral/political courage, instead of reflective or unreflective political conformity!

What the reader should know about Mr. Keith Kahn-Harris:

‘the project director of the European Jewish Research Archive at the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.’


Political Radical

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