janan.ganesh@ft.com on The Republicans. Political Reporter comments.

The reader just has to look at a map to see that The Solid South, except for the four smallest states, is controlled by Republicans, and that the leadership of the Senate Republicans has been Mitch McConnell since 2007, a Southerner. Liz Cheney is from Wyoming.

So the fact that Republicans are in power in a majority of states is established. The Party is now controlled by Trump loyalists and Neo-Confederate/Originalists. Trump’s future is predicated upon his ability to get his version of Twitter up and running, a very necessary political instrument. Otherwise he is disappeared!

The Recall of Newsom, in California, will be on the ballot, not this time sponsored by Hollywood Republicans, who found Grey Davis so objectionable. Will it be a Pete Wilson clone, demonstrating that the party is now hysterically xenophobic. What replaced Davis was a washed up Action Hero ‘Arnold’. Succeeded by Jerry Brown in New Democratic drag. And then Newsom. Should the reader factor in the ‘fickle electorate’ as demonstrative of political rise and fall? Or just engaging in a necessary recycling?

Not to forget that Cuomo’s political capital has plummeted, and offers opportunity for the Republicans? Mr. Ganesh refers to the ‘Moderate Republicans’ like Romney or the ten Republicans House members that voted to impeach Trump?

Mr. Ganesh doesn’t offer much, not even his talent for the production of beguiling aphorisms, all chaff and no grain!

Political Reporter


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