@EdwardGLuce on the ‘ideal pluto-populist’. Political Observer’s dissent/ascent.

Should a Larry Summers Neo-Liberal cast aspersions on the champion of ‘aggrieved white conservatism’ and an almost argued ‘ideal pluto-populist’, who also is a possible presidential candidate? This has the stale aroma of Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent series of novels, with a columnists named Frankly Unctuous.

Drury’s growing extremism — his taste for apocalyptic scenarios and belief that American liberalism was actively abetting international Communism — would especially affect his treatment of former colleagues in the media. The newsmen in “Advise and Consent” are already a disproportionately fatuous, left-leaning and scornful lot. In later books, these unnamed, self-important commentators will goofily harden into Walter Dobius and Frankly Unctuous.

Mr. Luce’s comments on the verdict on the Derek Chauvin trial demonstrates that Black Lives Matter is now in the ascendent? Carlson’s dissent …

His reaction to Wednesday’s verdict on Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd crossed even his own thinly drawn lines. The jury’s triple guilty verdict, reached after 10 hours of deliberation, amounted to “an attack on civilisation”, said Carlson. It came as a result of Black Lives Matters threats against a jury that had unanimously reached the verdict: “Please don’t hurt us.”

The true cause of Floyd’s death, Carlson has repeatedly said, was a drug overdose — not the nine-minute asphyxiation that jurors saw over and over.


In the Post-Trump era the possibility of a Carlson candidacy , given Josh Hawley’s raised fist, in response to the January 6, 2021 demonstrators, before the Insurrection commenced, doesn’t seem far fetched. If a huckster and con man can capture the Republican Party from outside the party apparatus.

This reader and critic must give Mr. Luce his due! Well written, well argued, that demonstrates that politics, morality and civic virtue bind ‘us’ together, if not ‘we’ will not survive.

Political Observer

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