Thomas B. Griffith on Amy Coney Barret. ‘A person of faith’ evaluates a fellow traveler! American Atheist comments

Mr. Griffith is member of two exclusive ‘clubs’: a ‘Lawyer/Judge’ and ‘a person of faith‘. So let us consider the source. And the self-congratulation that is the very sine qua non of this ‘club-ship’! Paul Halliday in his ‘Habeas Corpus ,From England to Empire’ states in his introduction that Legal History is steeped in ‘legal narcissism’ . In sum its part of the baggage!
Amy Coney Barrett is not just a Catholic, but a member of a sect, that believes that women are subject to male tutelage, as a natural state of their inferior position, as less that the male, its called Patriarchy. She will fit very comfortably with the other Neo-Confederate/Originalist clique, on The Supreme Court. She and they are acolytes of power, religious and capitalist.
Not to forget that American Jurisprudence began not with Marshall but with Cotton Mather and his use of ‘spectral evidence‘ in The Salem Witch Trials. Or that American Philosophy began with Johnathan Edwards! His notorious sermon ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’ marked ‘The Great Awakening’. The Political, the Religious and the Jurisprudential comprise an American Trinity, that dwarfs Constitutionalism

American Atheist


Posted October 13, 2020 8:10 AM PDT:

Amy Coney Barrett’s comments on how Judge Scalia influenced her judicial philosophy/practice:

Some critical perspective on Scalia’s ‘Originalism/Textualism’:

The Scalia Myth

Laurence H. Tribe

The Scalia Myth


Justice for Scalia

Robert Post

Add to these critical comments about Scalia, garnished with the usual bowing and scraping, my 2018 comment on Amy Coney Barrett:

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