On Amy Coney Barrett: Political Observer comments

Amy Coney Barrett is an Ultramontane Catholic, she shares that with Scalia: an open rebellion against Vatican II.  Pope John Paul II made internal war against Pope John XXIII’s reforms by appointing conservative Cardinals, and made open war against Liberation Theology, forcing Gutierrez to his knees!
At least be honest about Barrett’s reactionary religious positions , not to speak of her membership in People of Praise:

The highest office a woman can hold in the community is “woman leader” (formerly “handmaid”). Women leaders “teach women on womanly affairs, give advice, help in troubled situations” and lead specialized women’s activities.[28] The term handmaiden was chosen in 1971 as a reference to Mary, the mother of Jesus, who in the Bible described herself as a “handmaid of the Lord” or a woman who is close to God.[5] The community teaches that husbands are the head of the household as well as the “spiritual head” and pastoral leader of their wives. While it emphasizes traditional gender roles, the organization encourages women to pursue higher education and employment.[28]


The imperative of a practice of deference to male leadership ends where? A deference to a tradition of male leadership, that denied women were capable of moral autonomy? Abortion is a ‘Mortal Sin’ ,then any argument advanced,  by anyone other than a long tradition of the primary male leadership  is prima facae  without merit.

Political Observer



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