janan.ganesh@ft.com declares the ‘winner’ in The Culture Wars! American Writer comments

Reading Mr. Ganesh’s latest essay features his ‘History Made to Measure’. Or you could look at it as an intellectual pastiche, of one of the paintings/assemblages of Red Grooms?
Do investigate the work of an American satirist, of actual talent, for an engaging mischief, that Ganesh seeks to emulate in prose?


Or is Mr. Ganesh emulating the work of Tom Wolf?

For a fascinating, hinting at the salacious, evaluation of the Buckley vs. Vidal political skirmishes, see this video of Christopher Hitchens:

As a high school-drop in the 1960’s, I wasted too many hours watching television. And especially the Network News coverage of the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention. The debates between Buckley and Vidal, refereed by the craven hawk Howard K. Smith, were high on the list. Except that I missed the most explosive, contentious one. ABC must have censored it, I only saw it decades later. The 2015 film ‘Best of Enemies’ tells the story.

The notion that somehow the ‘Culture Wars’ have been ‘won’ or ‘lost’ by any political faction, no matter how capaciously defined these entity’s may be, is the expression of journalistic opportunism, desperation? Or call this particular subject, awash in the self-serving  cynicism of its operatives, ‘sexy’: able to generate traffic on web-sites, and perhaps, boost news-stand sales, in certain markets, by word of mouth?

American Writer





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