@FT on Obama’s Biden Endorsement. Political Observer comments

This reads like a Press Release from the Biden Campaign. Trump has it wrong its not ‘Sleepy Joe’ but ‘Cognitive Deficit Old Joe’ !
The only real question is when and how will the New Democrats unload Biden? All carefully, not to speak of melodramatically framed : Joe, for the good of the Nation, reluctantly withdraws, due to health reasons,  from his Crusade against the ‘Evil Trump’ and cedes his delegates to _______ _______. Hyperbolic? 
Its made for that small screen, that over time has evolved/metastasized electronically, to become an ungainly color wall hanging. Just as much of an unwelcome guest, as that 21 inch black and white model, that hypnotized me, and a whole generation of children. With its flickering images, appropriated from radio and Movie Serial re-runs, endlessly copied by television’s  pioneers.  
Obama is/was a more canny self-promoter, political grifter, who praised Reagan not FDR! The natural successor to the Neo-Liberal Clintons.  Joe was vocal about his racism, as all those videos on YouTube demonstrate: the irredeemable black predator, a sign of Joe’s earlier Neo-Reaganite iteration. How inconvenient, for that  host of New Democratic apparatchiks quoted in this ‘News Story’. Like the Stalinists, the New Democrats attempt at the erasure of ‘History’ succeeds only with ‘the base’ , who simply follow along with the ever changing Party Line.

Political Observer 



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