Niall Ferguson on The Pandemic & other pressing questions. Political Observer comments

I came here from The Financial Times. Just looking at Gideon Rachman’s latest essay, made me a bit queasy:

Headline: India picks a side in the new cold war

Sub-headline: It is folly for China to drive its rival into America’s arms

But seeking solace in Mr. Ferguson’s little melodrama, where he plays so many roles: Cassandra, Epidemiologist, Statistician, Historian all wreathed in the usual Ferguson self-congratulation. But the literary frame of Jack Kerouac’s ‘beatnik’ “On the Road” didn’t render his verbose polemic any more palatable. I survived the 1957 flu epidemic as a 13 year old, along with my sisters and brothers. 

Looking forward to returning to Rachman’s essay and James Stavridis (former supreme allied commander of NATO)  essay:

Trump’s Retreat From Germany Is a Victory for Putin


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