Macron Apologetics @FT. Political Observer comments

What other newspaper, specializing in Capitalist Apologetics/Advocacy, the reader can reverse the order of these terms at will, would print this encomium to M. 37% ? The days of the utterly bloated/pretentious ‘Jupertarian Politics’, is now long forgotten in the rush of events, not to speak of the unprecedented appearance of the gilets jaunes, gilets noirs, gilets fems, and their resistance to Macron’s Neo-Liberal project, that has crossed political lines.

The ‘Editors‘ of this publication are smitten with M. 37% and his project, but dare not name it political opportunism, in face of an open and tenacious rebellion. The Posh Boys and Girls, at this publication, don’t waste their time on twitter, where the ‘rebels’ post their videos of , unreported by a Corporate Media that categorize these events as ‘non-events’.      

Macronism was supposed to be about liberating French entrepreneurialism from an outsized public sector, yet state support is now the order of the day.

Political shape-shifting, though, is Mr Macron’s craft. Sunday’s address hinted at a new political formula combining what he called “republican patriotism”, social solidarity and a commitment to a low-carbon economic recovery.

The Editors are unable to self-emancipate from the thrall of Macron’s ‘modernising zeal’ , that is in fact a faith in the demonstrably failed trinity of Mises/Hayek/Friedman. 

That Macron expresses his Napoleonic ambition to lead the faltering European Project openly, even as the domestic Rebellion regains is former political strength: The Editors attempt to present this enarque, as a ‘Reformer’ , while speculating at possible political strategies to re-invigorate his political position:  ‘while addressing the inequities exacerbated by the crisis’ , the reader can only laugh at this lie! 

Mr Macron may seek a new élan by jettisoning his prime minister, an established tactic in the fifth republic but one that no longer seems to work. He has few compelling alternative candidates for the job, in any case. It is more important to create a policy agenda for the recovery that preserves his modernising zeal while addressing the inequities exacerbated by the crisis. In the end, the French, as he puts it, have to work more and produce more.

The last sentence, of the last paragraph of this propaganda, paraphrasing Macron, echos the redemptive moralizing of a Calvin or Luther, except that it is the Party Line of The Neo-Liberal Trinity of Hayek/Mises/Friedman. 

Political Observer

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