edward.luce@ft.com on Dangerous Trump. Political Observer comments

Mr. Luce’s verbose hand-wringing devolves into this Delphic Utterance:

‘Faced with a choice between sabotaging American democracy or a future spent in and out of court rooms, I have no doubt where Mr Trump’s instincts would lie. It would be up to others to stop him.’

A reader just might surmise that a Military Coup is in America’s future ?
‘Seven Day in May’ of 1964, from the best selling novel by Fletcher Knebel & Charles W. Bailey II, comes to mind, for Americans of a certain age. This the successor to Frankenheimer’s ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ steeped in Cold War hysterical paranoia.
The concatenation of : The Pandemic, the near Economic Collapse that has left how many millions out of work, Trump’s complete failure to provide anything resembling leadership, The New Democrats led by Pelosi, have proved to be as mendacious and self-serving  as Trump. While a cognitively impaired Joe Biden, whose certifiable history of racism can be seen on YouTube, is the presumptive leader of the New Democrats. Add to this, the ensuing collapse of the Neo-Liberal State, and the police murder of  George Floyd that are parts of the toxic atmosphere, that provides the back drop to the American political present. In 1863 Nikolai Chernyshevsky asked the question ‘What is to Be Done’ ? Its is still the most relevant question, about today.

Political Observer 



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