The Battle between de Blasio & Cuomo as reported in The Financial Time. Political Observer comments

From the very font of Neo-Liberalism, The Financial Times, presents the dutifully alarmist report on the ongoing state of its collapse in New York City, that features a report on the quarrel between de Blasio and the bellicose New Democrat Cuomo. The governor scolds the mayor for not maintaining civic order. At what cost will civic order and peace be purchased? Does the mayor express the anguish of a ‘Liberal’ that has too long surrendered to the political imperatives  demanded by this and other New Democrats? 

Earlier, an emotional Mr de Blasio called the situation “a horrible, perfect storm we’re living through” and announced that the 11 PM to 5AM curfew announced on Monday would be extended another five days, and brought forward to 8PM in an effort to quell the violence.

 The ‘as if’ here is that the NYPD, with its long history of racism, examples: Stop an Frisk, the removal of Judge Scheindlin from the court case, by the political machinations of the maladroit Mayor Bloomberg, and the murder of Eric Garner, enjoys widespread support?

The Pandemic and 100,000 deaths, the collapse of The Economy, Unemployment at rates not seen since the Great Depression or frighteningly near. Joshua Chaffin describes the ‘mood’ the city:

In New York City, the mood has been particularly tense. The city has been among the worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 21,000 fatalities — a disproportionate number born by predominantly black and Hispanic communities. It was due to begin reopening on Monday after nearly three months of shutdown to contain the virus that have frayed nerves and devastated the economy.

The Neo-Liberal State is collapsing with frightening speed, and its advocates/apologists are in a panic. We are reading The Financial Times, so the last two sentences are unsurprising. Can ‘Law and Order’ be achieved ‘by any means necessary’ a phrase from Jean-Paul Sartre via Malcolm X ! The anonymous source the life-blood of a certain  kind of Journalism. 

A retired law enforcement official complained the police had been given an impossible task, and warned they risked losing control of the situation.

“It’s a very challenging situation, and the mayor makes it worse,” the official said. “He sends mixed messages every day.”  

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