Corporate Barracuda Sheryl Sandberg’s unconvincing whining! ‘Lean In’? Old Socialist comments Old Socialist …

So on International Women’s Day, who better to ask what is going wrong than Sheryl Sandberg, the guru of female work empowerment, the woman who encouraged millions of us to Lean In, and COO of Facebook, the world’s most powerful company.

“The reason we don’t have as many female leaders is down to likeability,” Sandberg says. “The data shows conclusively that as men get more successful they are better liked by women and men — but as women get more successful they are less liked by both.”

Sandberg may speak softly, a tiny package cosily wrapped in an overlarge peach cashmere jumper, red jeans and brown cowboy boots (she has just got engaged to a father-of-three who is taking her to country concerts), but make no mistake, she is as tough as chuck steak.

Old Socialist 

P. S. The protege of  Larry Summers! 



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