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In the imagined ‘Centrist World’ Mr. Biden is the latest manufactured Hero. Except that the notion of that ‘Centrism’, under the myopic gaze of an apologist for that mythical political construct, is in fact the tattered remains of a collapsed Neo-Liberalism, and its panicked acolytes.

For a more carefully calibrated  political apologetic, couched in Biblical hyperbole, for Biden, see Mr. Luce’s essay:

Headline:  The stunning resurrection of Joe Biden

Sub-headline: His Lazarus-like re-emergence gives the Democratic party a new mantra: ‘decency’


Mr. Biden’s ‘fabulist tendencies’, a more genteel descriptor than the word lies, are flooding the internet, these small video clips don’t need any help from Trump! they are the collective evidence of ,not just bad faith, but of self-aggrandizing lies: that awful but apt word …
Here is a quotation from Mr. Ganesh’s essay that demonstrate his talent for deliberate misreading:

Being creatures of narrative, my profession inferred from the shocks of 2016 — Mr Trump’s victory and the vote for Brexit — a lasting crisis for the global centre. Contrary events, such as the election of President Emmanuel Macron in France, or the US midterm elections, did not dissuade us. Perhaps the only thing that ever would is the elevation of a pre-2016 retread, a lion of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the globalised heyday, to the world’s grandest office.

One of the ‘contrary events’ to the Trump victory and Brexit is the election of Macron! According to CNN, the number of ‘Abstentions’ and ‘White ballots’ or spoiled ballots in the final round of voting:

Abstentions: 11,416,454 

White or spoiled ballots : 4,045,395 

The total: 15,461,849 

Macron’s final vote : 20,257,167

Le Pen final vote: 10,584,646


These numbers are indicative of the the fact that Macron is what? The product of a fractured French politics?  The General Strike is unreported in Corporate Media, the only place to get news of this strike is on twitter, and other social media. The video of police beating, and maiming protesters, or attacking protesting Fireman is proof that a Rebellion against the ‘Liberalism’, ‘Centrism’, or in plain speaking, the Neo-Liberalism of the ideological enarque Macron. This Rebellion is the political juggernaut that will end Macron’s burning ambition, to lead a slowly fracturing European Super-State.  

Mr. Ganesh’s  description of Biden is ludicrous, if not just flatfootedly comic : ‘… a lion of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…’.

Trump has a talent for puerile insult, which he will use against Biden’s ‘cognitive deficit’, and his history of lying. This prefigures disaster for the New Democrats and their journalistic allies.

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