On Andy Divine’s ‘Boris Crush’. Myra Breckenridge comments and scoffs, just a bit

Andy’s Daddy Worship began with the Church, and later expressed itself  as worship of The Iron Lady, with her off-brand Chanel and her lacquered hair, that resembled a medieval helmet. Her ‘there is no such thing as Society’ was her cudgel to defeat the ‘civic’ and exalt the singular status of The Market. This describes her violent nihilism, political and cultural. Her weapon of choice, passing out copies of Hayek’s tract The Road to Serfdom.
In his latest essay, at least the first portion devoted to the exaltation of Boris, who play-acts the part of political buffoon- as a scholarship boy he ought to recognize his natural enemy,one of his bullies, a Posh Boy? That would have been an impediment to Andy’s rise: he is a climber!

This paragraph of his rambling essay gives away Andy’s game of political conformity, allied to his dubious notion of sexual conformity, that he proclaims as if it were revealed truth, a habit of mind of a publicist/advocate, or just call him a propagandist for- Kant’s imperative of self-emancipation from tutelage has escaped his attention. His animus toward those who don’t meet his standards, of how they ‘ought to be’, becomes part of his admixture of politics, Sexual Politics and ends on this, expressing a class bias that he has almost avoided, ‘absurdly plummy accent.‘.

The Liberal Democrats collapsed for two core reasons. They epitomized the London liberal elites. A key promise was simply: We will revoke Brexit altogether, you dumbass voters. No second referendum, just a parliamentary program to nullify the referendum of 2016. Hard to think of a more elitist project than that. Then they embraced wokeness. In the last week of the campaign, their leader, Jo Swinson, got caught in long discussions about what she believes a woman is. She didn’t just lose the election, she lost her own seat. It is clearer and clearer to me that the wholesale adoption of critical race, gender, and queer theory on the left makes normal people wonder what on earth they’re talking about and which dictionary they are using. The white working classes are privileged? A woman can have a penis? In the end, the dogma is so crazy, and the language so bizarre, these natural left voters decided to listen to someone who does actually speak their language, even if in an absurdly plummy accent.


The last paragraph of his essay compares Boris’ politics to Disraeli’s  “One Nation Conservatism.” that will check both the dangers of ‘The Right’ and ‘The Left’. Except that Boris is of ‘The Right’, not some kind of political hybrid, as the answer. Andy’s politics, cultural and sexual, are about his fealty to his deeply entrenched Patriarchal Attitudes, to use the title of Eva Figes book, first published when Andy was seven years old!

Johnson will have to work superhard on this if he is to re-create not the Thatcher coalition but the Disraeli nation. That’s what he means when he talks about “One Nation Conservatism.” That was Disraeli’s reformist conservatism of the 19th century, a somewhat protectionist, supremely patriotic alliance between the conservative elites and the ordinary man and woman. It will take a huge amount of charm and policy persistence to cement that coalition if it is to last more than one election. But if Boris pulls that off, he will have found a new formula designed to kill off far-right populism, while forcing the left to regroup.

Myra Breckenridge





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