Niall Ferguson’s election night melodrama. Old Socialist comments

Here in all its breathless detail is a report on Mr. Ferguson’s election night. The reader can read for herself all the …

The defeat of the political monster Corbyn, and the victory of Posh Boy Boris in chronicled, in scrupulous personalized detail by our historian/narrator . The first three paragraphs tell the riveting part of the story. But don’t miss Ferguson’s attack on ‘a certain type of indignant Indian Intellectual’ , Pankaj Mishra and Priyamvada Gopal, by way of a cudgel provided by Yoram Hazony’s 2018 book ‘The Virtue of Nationalism’. Mr. Ferguson’s rhetoric seems to re-invigorate a very specific expression of the Colonial Mentality, that still must hold sway over at least one Conservative writer?

Now there is a certain type of indignant Indian intellectual — step forward Pankaj Mishra and Priyamvada Gopal — who insists ad nauseam that Brexit is an expression of nostalgia for the British Empire, if not a repressed desire to re-establish it. Nothing could be more wrong, as Hazony explains, and as anyone knows who has spent even an hour in a pub with Brexit supporters like my good friends in the Prince of Wales near Bridgend (another Labour citadel that fell last week).

Perhaps Mr. Ferguson would pay attention to the white New Zealand born  historian J.G.A. Pocock’s comment on the E.U.?

J.G.A. Pocock

Profoundly anti-democratic and anti-constitutional, the EU obliges you to leave by the only act it recognises: the referendum, which can be ignored as a snap decision you didn’t really mean. If you are to go ahead, it must be by your own constitutional machinery: crown, parliament and people; election, debate and statute. This will take time and deliberation, which is the way decisions of any magnitude should be taken.

The Scots will come along, or not, deciding to live in their own history, which is not what the global market wants us to do. Avoid further referendums and act for yourselves as you know how to act and be.

Old Socialist



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