Old Socialist: beware of Technocrat Camilla Cavendish!

*Blairite Ms. Cavendish in her assessment of The Trump Effect on British life and politics can’t resist the temptation to defame Mr. Corbyn with the charge of ‘whose core philosophy is anti-Americanism.’ Anti-Imperialism is and has been one of  the cornerstone of Corbyn’s politics. 

The president’s flaws are a gift to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose core philosophy is anti-Americanism.

Some further quotation from Posh Girl’s political observations on British politics are instructive, that never strays far from the Blairite Party Line. She simply engages in  a rhetorical  embroidery of same:

It suits extremists on both left and right to wilfully overestimate the UK’s clout in the world. That’s not defeatist, it’s just realpolitik — something the British used to be good at.

The Conservatives, once the party of business and common sense, are in the grip of an ideological virus.

A similar gambit in 1649 didn’t work too well for Charles I. But you say tomato, I say tomato. You say mount a coup against the legislature, I say “prorogue” — which sounds so much more quaint, ceremonial, nostalgic.

To prorogue parliament would be illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic. But the new Tory party is as unpredictable and mercurial as the current White House.

Messrs Trump and Johnson have both flirted with Steve Bannon, the president’s former chief strategist, and both have borrowed techniques from the Bannon playbook — positioning themselves as honest straight talkers by making remarks calculated to provoke an outcry, then garnering support from the people outraged by the outcry.

For Mr Corbyn, it was just too tempting to shun this particular leader of the free world — and much easier than it might have been for him to have dismissed Barack Obama. Leaders who aspire to rule usually appreciate that in dealing with allies, it is the office which commands respect, not just the person.

But Labour’s politics are those of the sixth form.

I love the US more than any other country outside my own. It pains me to witness the stumbles of the presidential caravan. But Americans who dislike Mr Trump can take comfort in knowing that he will eventually be gone. Brexit, the greatest act of national self-harm since Suez, is irreversible.

As British soft power drains away, jobs vanish and investor confidence dwindles, I hope the special relationship with the US will endure. But on current showing, this little island looks likely to play a bigger part in America’s nostalgic past than its dynamic future.


I have been selective in my quotation, as has Blairite Ms. Cavendish in her presentation: her unslakable Anti-Corbynism, her Anti-Brexitism (The EU, born of Monnet’s coal and steel cartel, named the Common Market tarted up with the trappings of Federation.)  comparing it to Suez, that was the death knell of British colonial power, that reified the fact of the power of the American Empire.

This polemic all  wrapped up in a supposed ‘love’ for both America and Britain, name it political kitsch! And ‘As British soft power drains away, jobs vanish…’  name this the watershed of a collapsed Neo-Liberalism, engineered by Thatcher and her epigone Tony Blair, of New Labour infamy.

*Mea culpa: I have misidentified Ms. Cavendish as a Blairite, she is or was a supporter of Cameron.


Old Socialist


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