At The Financial Times: May issues ultimatum to Corbyn & Macron’s fear of the victory of Le Pen in EU election. Old Socialist attempts to integrate these two apparently disparate political phenomenon.

Headline: Theresa May delivers Brexit deal ultimatum to Corbyn

Sub-headline: Time to make up your mind, prime minister says as she sets Commons vote for early June

The rampant skepticism expressed by the readers comments on this ‘report’ makes more sense than the actual article itself. May’s seeming, even actual  incompetence, in the ‘negotiation’ with the EU may just be a function of what Yanis Varoufakis said, that you don’t negotiate with the EU bureaucracy? ‘The Adults in the Room’ i.e. that EU bureaucracy dictate to the lesser beings of the states, that comprise the ‘Super-State’. In sum, this United States of Europe is the end point of technocrat Monnet’s Coal & Steel Cartel, garnished with ersatz Federalism!

Even Pretty Boy énarque Macron is in a bit of a panic:

Headline: Emmanuel Macron struggles to contain far-right in EU election race
Sub-headline: French president’s party faces risk of losing to Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National

The gilets jaunes will use the European Election as an instrument of their opposition to the ‘reforms’, i.e. Neo-Liberalization of France. It doesn’t mean actual support for Le Pen, but a chance to express their contempt for Macron’s arrogance, allied to his political/economic reformation.  But the doom-sayers here at the Financial Times will wring the defeat of Macron as another expression of the dread ‘Populism’ :as a pernicious form of political nihilism, that is threatening the myth of the ‘ Post War Liberal Order’ .

Old Socialist

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