At ‘The Spectator’ Geoffrey Alderman’s equivocating ‘defense’ of Jeremy Corbyn. Old Socialist comments

Geoffrey Alderman’s self -declaration as ‘a proud Zionist’ in the penultimate paragraph of his ‘defense’ of Corbyn- with friends like Alderman ?
Here is his collection of the charges leveled against Corbyn by the collective under the rubric of Labour Friends of Israel and its fellow travelers:

It’s quite true that the Labour Party that Corbyn leads has been dogged in recent years with incidents in which a significant number of its members, after being publicly pilloried as anti-Semites, have been expelled from the party. Worse than that, earlier this year a group of MPs resigned from the party, citing rampant anti-Semitism and a failure to deal with it as one of the reasons for their departure.

The group included the Jewish MP Luciana Berger, and also the non-Jewish MP Joan Ryan, formerly chair of Labour Friends of Israel. In her resignation speech, Ryan suggested that the ‘huge shame’ of anti-Semitism did not exist until Corbyn became party leader. Criticising Corbyn for ‘presiding over a culture of anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel,’ Ryan insisted that ‘Over the past three years… the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn has become infected with the scourge of anti-Jewish racism. This problem simply did not exist in the party before his election as leader.’

The Blair coterie and Labour Friends of Israel are not politically divisible. Corbyn’s support for B.D.S. is what is really bothering this alliance, and its manufactured political hysteria. This time its the forward that Corbyn wrote for John Atkinson Hobson Imperialism: A Study.  What is at the center of this continuing defamation of Corbyn is that he will be elected as Prime Minister, after the political demise of the politically incompetent Mrs. May. The Blarite faction’s imperative is to discredit Corbyn at all costs.

The problem is that Alderman’s description of the charges follows the Party Line, he fails to address these bogus charges, but simply repeats them. Not to address these charges is a  blatant moral/political abdication.  And then as rhetorical cover, he begins a history made to measure of Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.  ‘I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him’ describes Alderman’s  position, while maintaining his status as tribalist in good standing.

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