The Joe Biden candidacy explicated by Old Socialist comments

Headline: Joe Biden would offer US voters a welcome breather

Sub-headline: Americans tend not to elect several high-drama presidents in a row

If Mr. Biden has ‘friends’ like … ? Here Mr. Ganesh defines Biden for what he is:

He is, in other words, everything that Hillary Clinton was in 2016: an insider in a rebel age, a fixture of the establishment that President Donald Trump defined himself against to such devastating effect. If an insider flopped last time, how can one succeed next time?

The Biden candidacy is as usual reduced, in the Corporate Media, to a horse race. The ‘because’ is about winning and nothing else.Mr. Ganesh gives an quick snapshot of Biden’s as political conformist in the New Democratic mold.

As with a mugging victim who avoids the same street ever after, the fear is natural but irrational.

Without meaning too? Ganesh offers this telling analogy. Watch an excerpt from Mr. Biden’s speech before the Senate on November 18, 1993 on ‘predators’ :

Mr. Biden was the author of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994

‘Sponsored by Representative Jack Brooks of Texas, the bill was originally written by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware and then was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.’

That somehow Biden will qualify as a ‘Populist’ is on its face preposterous:

In 2016, Mr Trump ran as an outsider. In 2020, he will have to run as an incumbent. Simply decrying his opponent as a creature of the swamp, when he himself has been immersed in the same gunk for four years, will not be quite as lethal. The onus will be on him to identify what he has done — not said, but done — for working Americans.

It is the populist’s eternal quandary: you can only be elected as an outsider once.

Sen. Sanders qualifies as an actual Populist, Joe is a New Democrat to his core, meaning he is a Reaganite in Democratic Drag. Ganesh then presents an ersatz history made to measure, that has a breath taking , yet utterly unfulfilled, historical reach : Warren G. Harding , Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush I and Obama vs McCain. This functions as mere historical bric-a-brac. The problem with Mr. Ganesh’s ‘history’ is that some of his readership watched Mr. Biden’s career unfold in ‘real time’.

What follows is more political handicapping: Bernie Sander, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg, the latest New Democrat Anti-Populist. In summation,  Mr. Ganesh’s view is that Trump is worried about Mr. Biden:  the empirical evidence, four tweets in one day from Trump on the Biden candidacy.

Old Socialist

P.S. Hair-plugs,Restylane & Botox make Mr. Biden look like an aging Hollywood Star on the skids.








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