Andy Divine on our ‘angry king’. Political Skeptic comments

Before Andy Divine’s latest attack on the political monster he helped to create, Trump, sinks into the shit-hole of a well deserved obscurity, some observations: Andy scours the internet for his  “to appease an angry king”  as his most recent descriptor of our Game Show President! This intellectual habit is pervasive!

More to the point, he has refused to protect the American election system from the malevolent designs of a foreign enemy. Thanks to leaks, we know now that he has been doing this for the last two years, even though other members of the administration, like Kirstjen Nielsen, were prepared to take strong, defensive measures. Why? Because any mention of Russian interference reminds him of the question of his legitimacy, and that enrages him. Which is to say he has openly put his personal amour propre before the interests of every citizen in this country who wants to preserve our electoral integrity. This alone is an unambiguously impeachable offense. Congress should immediately subpoena Nielsen to testify about the president’s deliberate refusal to perform his core duties. I see no way Trump can actually stop her now she is outside the administration — if she has the courage to expose the ugly truth.

Andy is a ‘True Believer’ in the Russian Election Interference myth confected by Brennan/Clapper/Clinton coterie. The same affliction shared by Mueller and his ‘investigation’: that interference is foundational, indeed its raison d’être.

Eric Hoffer’s 1951 ‘The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements’ which the perpetually incurious Andy would not know about, having missed the Vietnam War. And LBJ’s use of Hoffer as one of the only American Intellectual props of his ‘Guns and Butter’ strategy! The notion of ‘True Believer’ fits Andy, his enthusiasm for ‘The Bell Curve’ and the War in Iraq are just two examples of his, to call it judgement is to mischaracterize Andy’s fealty to belief systems, enmeshed in a self-serving ideology.

Andy administers a severe scolding to the House New Democratic Leadership, of Deal Maker Pelosi and her subordinate Hoyer,  on their lack of courage: ‘The Dems too often assume a defensive crouch, even when our Constitution is at stake.’  in confronting Trump’s continuing provocations. The full paragraph puts into perspective Andy’s ramblings:

The House Speaker, for her part, reacted to a report outlining ten cases of obstruction of justice (ten more than Clinton was accused of) by immediately dissing the idea of impeachment. Steny Hoyer firmly ruled it out. Their response to Mueller was, to my mind, incredible, but telling. I can fully understand taking your time. No one is asking for an impeachment vote yet — just hearings including Trump officials who spoke with Mueller, in a consideration of impeachment. The Dems too often assume a defensive crouch, even when our Constitution is at stake. Against the Big Lie of “No Collusion. No Obstruction,” their message is muddled. They are beginning to wake up, but if a president wantonly obstructs justice and the opposition party immediately worries about the political cost of impeachment, we’re in deep trouble.   

As usual I’ve run out of patience with Andy’s self-congratulatory shtick!

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