@FT can’t stop kissing the ass of their Neo-Liberal Golden Boy Macron: who in reality is a Fascist! Old Socialist

Headline: Emmanuel Macron ponders his de Gaulle moment with Brexit

Sub-headline: Fears grow that French president will say ‘Non’ and bundle UK out of the EU door


This screen capture of a tweet puts the Financial Times propaganda in a necessary perspective:


Another perspective, this from Press TV:

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Paris

Yellow Vest protests continue for the 21st consecutive week against French government policies. Turnout was lower than previous weeks but as our correspondent Ramin Mazaheri reports from Paris demonstrators have made it clear they will keep marching until their demands are met.


This report from REI on Macron’s carefully managed ‘Great Debate’ in place of coverage of the violence perpetrated in Nantes!



Old Socialist


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