The London Sunday Times & Jeremy Corbyn, Episode DCCVII: Corbyn and his Anti-Semitic Army. Old Socialist comments

The ultra-respectable London Sunday Times is Conservative politically, or should it be called by its actual name reactionary? continues to engage in the construction of conspiracy theory, this one  about the preposterous notion of Corbyn’s Anti-Semitic Army. Following each link in this indictment masquerading as journalism are ‘news stories’ from the Times.

The closer Corbyn gets to power, the hysteria reaches new levels of melodramatic desperation, that recalls the era of the 21 inch black & white screen of the Old Cold War. Its allies are various inquisitors, in and out of political office, and members of a collaborationist press , print and television. Look to the Blairite Clique and political fabulists like Jonathan Freedland, in The Guardian, who have manufactured the lie of Anti-Semitism. A list of  Labour Friends of Israel members is instructive:

David Abrahams, former Treasurer[19]

Lord Archer of Sandwell[20]

Sir Stuart Bell[21]

Luciana Berger, former Director of LFI[22]

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister[23][24]

David Blunkett, former Home Secretary[20]

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister[23][24][25]

Chris Bryant[20] and former Minister for Europe

Stephen Byers, former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry[20]

Wayne David[20]

Andrew Dismore [20]

Michael Dugher[26]

Louise Ellman, Vice Chair of LFI [20]

Derek Foster[20]

Lord Foulkes[20]

Mike Gapes, former Vice Chair of LFI (2004)[27]

Barry Gardiner, former Vice-Chair of LFI

Anthony Greenwood, first Chair of LFI (1957)[3]

Andrew Gwynne, Chair of LFI (2010)[20]

Fabian Hamilton[20]

Baroness Hayman[20]

Margaret Hodge[18]

Joan Humble[20]

Barbara Keeley[20]

Jane Kennedy, Chair of LFI (2007)[20]

Ivan Lewis, former Vice-Chair of LFI [28]

Lord Macdonald of Tradeston[20]

Denis MacShane[20]

Michael McCann, Vice-Chair of LFI[29]

Anne McGuire, Chair of LFI (2013)[9]

Jonathan Mendelsohn, former Chair of LFI (2002)[30]

Alun Michael, former Leader of the Welsh Labour Party[20]

Andrew Miller[20]

Jim Murphy, former Chair of LFI (2001), former Secretary of State for Scotland [31]

Dan Norris[20]

Nick Palmer[20]

Jess Phillips[12]

James Purnell, former Chair of LFI, former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [32]

Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale[20]

John Reid, former Home Secretary (2007)[33]

Rachel Reeves[26]

Terry Rooney[20]

Joan Ryan[20]

Dari Taylor[20]

Gary Titley[20]

Glenis Willmott, Vice Chair of LFI

Lord Winston[20]

Iain Wright, former Chair of LFI (2006)[20]

Lord Young of Norwood Green[20]

Consider this paragraph that makes a startling demand of the Labour Party:  ‘“Labour must now urgently open up its processes to scrutiny by the Jewish community.’ How is that nebulous notion of ‘the Jewish community’ to be first defined, and then chosen? What the Labour Friends of Israel  would find acceptable is that they must become the ultimate arbiter of what constitutes Anti-Semitism, within the Labour Party. With the vulgar Hodge as it lead inquisitor?

 Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: “Labour must now urgently open up its processes to scrutiny by the Jewish community. We stand united with all decent people in the fight against ugly racism.”

New Labour is attempting to rescue their failed Neo-Liberalism, from a revolution that has its roots in Democratic Socialism. The Blairite Clique are the servants of Capital, in its most rapacious iteration, framed by a triad of thinkers/polemicists Mises/Hayek/Friedman.  In the Age of the Internet, the reach of the Sunday Times has become world wide: the politics of this newspaper becomes evident to that audience of critical readers. The means of attack on the re-invigorated Social Democratic tradition, within the Party, is for persons like Margaret Hodge and her allies, to manufacture a crisis that will serve as the denouement to the career of  Jeremy Corbyn. Even while the incompetent Mrs. May has asked Corbyn to join in the Brexit talks.

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