Andy Divine on Rep. Ilhan Omar. Old Socialist comments

Andy Divine has the habit of  public moralizing on the political conduct of others,  from his column of March 08, 2019.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Using the phrases “all about the Benjamins” and “allegiance to a foreign country” when referring to the Israel lobby in D.C., as freshman Democratic representative Ilhan Omar recently did, is anti-Semitic. It should be possible to criticize Washington’s relationship with Israel without deploying crude and freighted language like this. But it got me wondering: Is it possible to write honestly about the Israel lobby’s power in D.C. without using any anti-Semitic “tropes” at all?

The basic facts are not really in dispute. A very powerful lobby deploys the money and passions of its members to ensure that a foreign country gets very, very special treatment from the U.S. Many of its supporters are Evangelical Protestants who want to accelerate the Second Coming. Others spring from an older and very American form of Christian Zionism. Many others are also American Jews with a commitment to Israel that has its roots both in the Torah and in a vow never to allow a second Holocaust.

Mr. Divine presents himself as an authority on bigotry, the ‘Anti-Antisemitism’ of Rep. Omar. Yet the reader with a memory reaching back to 1994 can’t forget Andy’s advocacy for The Bell Curve, and here is a link to a collection of responses published in The New Republic:

This devastating review in the New York Review of Books by Charles Lane:

A link to Max Reed’s 2011 Gawker essay:

The one thing that Andy depends upon is the ignorance of his readership , the younger readers might think that he is an Idiosyncratic Centrist, that advocates the use of hallucinogens, while still advocating the Centrist idea of political moderation. Those readers don’t recall Andy’s ‘evolution’ from Thatcherite , to Neo-Conservative to Neo-Liberal  : never forgetting his unquenchable bellicosity in Foreign Policy and his advocacy for a Eugenics for a New Age. His condemnation of Rep .Omar is the product of his self-infatuated mendacity all dressed-up in Pundit Drag.

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