@jonathanchait scolds Republicans about ‘no votes’ on ‘Anti-Hate Resolution’ but misses the real story! Old Socialist comments

Headline: Two Dozen House Republicans Oppose Anti-Hate Resolution for Some Reason

Mr. Chait proves himself to be a true ‘Centrist’ , the current alliance between the Neo-Cons & The New Democrats, by focusing on the minority Republican response to the ‘Anti-Hate Resolution’.
What he ignores is that the New Democrats, in the person of Pelosi ,could not identify Rep. Ilhan Omar as the ‘reason’ for this ‘Resolution’ . So it was couched in a generic condemnation of ‘hate’, that made some of the Republicans rebel against what they perceived to be ‘political correctness’ that the Republicans (Dixiecrats almost to a person) find to be a Leftist Dogma.

The most salient points Mr. Chait avoids, at all political costs, is a frank discussion of the power of AIPAC, and its strangle hold it has on American Politics. In that regard the whole of American Politics is strictly controlled by this Lobby. Rep. Ilhan Omar deviated from the acceptable discourse, to put it the mildest terms. In the spirit of frankness she is an Apostate who needs to be rebuked, shamed into conformity. Has it worked?

Pelosi can no longer control the Party, as Sanders, Warren, and even AIPAC  loyalist Harris support Rep. Omar. The New-New Dealers are the future of the Party, and the New Democrats are its past.  Even though they control of the Party apparatus ,peopled with their apparatchiks like Wassermann-Schultz, Schumer etc., the political agents of the New-New Deal, are now an unpleasant fact of political life for the Old Guard Clintonites: who will stop at nothing to try to kill this newest iteration of a New Deal, re-imagined by Rep. Omar and her sisters in the House.  Mr.  Chait is an Old Guard loyalist/apologist, whose allegiance to that coterie is always manifested in his carefully crafted propaganda interventions.

Old Socialist



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