‘Second Referendum’ leaves the Financial Times unimpressed. Old Socialist comments

Headline:Labour party to back second referendum on Brexit

Sub-headline: UK opposition party favours public vote ‘to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit’

After years of political hysterics, coming from this newspaper, and all the other publications of whatever political persuasion i.e. bourgeouise respectability is the key issue, The Second Referendum should have been the headline of this issue @FT, but Mrs. May’s vain attempt at self-rescue, demonstrates the politics of this newspaper’s attempt at producing unconvincing propaganda.

Mrs. Thatcher is still the ghost that haunts British politics, with her penchant for passing out Road to Serfdom like a party favor, and declaring that ‘there is no such thing as ‘Society’ , a concept out of Hayek’s ‘evolution’ from Economist to Social Theorist, such was her political nihilism. Markets and Prices , Social Darwinism masquerading as Economics, were/are the measure of the Human Endeavor. Thatcher even fought with her male hirelings! Mrs. May has all of Thatcher’s arrogance and hauteur, not to speak of mean-spiritedness, but remains unconvincing as political actor. While Cameron was just another Posh Boy given to the expression of ugly snobbery, , as a political position against Labour’s Left Wing Social Democracy.

Old Socialist




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