The Sunday Times & biographer Tom Bower exposes Corbyn as an ‘academic failure’, ‘fanatical Marxist’ , in sum , the politically toxic admixture of Lenin, Stalin & Mao ! Almost Marx takes the measure of this expression of political hysteria.

Headline: Tom Bower on Jeremy Corbyn: he left for Jamaica an academic failure and came back a fanatical Marxist

Sub-headline;  Throughout his career the Labour leader has used tactics learnt from the communist playbook. His biographer Tom Bower charts his cultivation of a ‘good guy’ image — and ruthless elimination of moderate rivals

This is a condensation of Mr. Bower’s book, for easier consumption by the Sunday Times readership, who already believe that Corbyn is Satan! Corbyn is here portrayed as a ‘fanatic’, ‘academic failure’ a political purist in the mode of Lenin or Stalin, in his ruthless elimination of his rivals, while not resorting to murder. (Yet the complete absence of the vexing question of Anti-Semitism remains where? in this biography.) Corbyn

Headline:  Review: Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power by Tom Bower — portrait of a monomaniac

Sub-headline: If Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister, he would easily be the most dangerous, most indolent and least intelligent holder of the office in history

This is one of the most depressing books I have ever read. It is a forensically detailed portrait of a man with no inner life, a monomaniac suffused with an overwhelming sense of his own righteousness, a private schoolboy who failed one A-level and got two Es in the others, a polytechnic dropout whose first wife never knew him to read a book.

It is the story of a man who does not appear to have gone to the cinema or listened to music, takes no interest in art or fashion and refused to visit Vienna’s magnificent Schönbrunn Palace because it was “royal”. It tells how he bitterly opposed the Anglo-Irish Agreement, deeply regretted the fall of the Berlin Wall and praised the men who attacked New York on September 11, 2001, for showing an “enormous amount of skill”. In some parallel universe, this man would currently be living in well-deserved obscurity. In reality, Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition and the bookmakers’ favourite to become our next prime minister.

For the veteran biographer Tom Bower, whose previous subjects include Mohamed al-Fayed, Richard Branson, Simon Cowell, Tony Blair and Prince Charles, Corbyn is the easiest target imaginable. The details of his life are well known. Born in 1949, the son of a skilled engineer and a maths teacher, he was brought up in a large 17th-century farmhouse in Shropshire called Yew Tree Manor. At school he was a loner and an underachiever, so lazy that his headmaster told him: “You’ll never make anything of your life.”

In this political moment when May’s  policy/governmental incompetence are on full display, this held together by a slim majority:  Corbyn is about to become Prime Minister, which precipitates panic in both the Tories and New Labour. This book  condensation, and its review in The Good Grey Times is a clear demonstration of that political panic. The Independent Group that has taken shape in the last week, whose majority comes from The Labour Friends of Israel, is also indicative of that panic and trades on the lie that Corbyn is an Anti-Semite. Look to Jonathan Freedland’s Guardian essay as the titular beginning point of  the concerted defamation of Corbyn, by the Blairite New Labour faction.

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