On the Perpetual Self-Rehabilitation of Anne Marie Slaughter, episode XCVII: on the ‘hope’ offered by the American Mid-terms. Old Socialist comments

Ms. Slaughter has proven herself to be not just an apologist for corporate power but its henchman! From the New York Times of September 1, 2017:

Headline: New America, a Google-Funded Think Tank, Faces Backlash for Firing a Google Critic

WASHINGTON — The head of an influential think tank funded by Google is grappling with a mounting backlash — including from her own scholars and donors — over the firing of a leading critic of the tech giant.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, the president of the New America Foundation, pledged to re-examine her group’s policies for dealing with donors while defending the organization’s intellectual integrity. She also told the think tank’s employees that New America was “under attack from many quarters,” and warned that they should expect heightened scrutiny.

But a group of the left-leaning think tank’s current and former fellows was collecting signatures on a letter to be delivered next week to Ms. Slaughter and New America’s directors, asserting that Ms. Slaughter’s handling of the situation has jeopardized the think tank’s reputation. Other scholars affiliated with the think tank were quietly comparing notes on past instances in which they contend she placed donors’ interests over ideology.

Ms Slaughter has now become a Financial Times contributing editor, which firmly establishes her, as part of a not very exclusive club, of well compensated political scribblers, whose loyalty is to a comfortable careerism. That translates into well paid position as propagandist, for the tattered remains of the Neo-Liberal Swindle and its catastrophic, not to speak of its murderous, political adventurism. This  demonstrates that the American ‘Political Center’ is now defined by the alliance between the New Democrats and the Neo-Conservatives.

The ‘way back’, of her self-rehabilitation, is for Ms. Slaughter is to establish herself as first an inoffensive ‘Feminist’: not Betty Friedan , Eva Figes nor Kate Millett but the utter fraudulence of Sheryl Sandburg’s ‘Lean In’ Corporatism. Ms. Slaughter celebrates in her latest essay the ‘hopeful sign’ of ‘positive populism’ and the concomitant ‘ the changing nature of local power’ that has been dominated by women.

In the last two paragraphs of her political intervention she establishes with the reader her commitment to this ‘new’ ‘positive populism’ as the solution to what she and her Neo-Liberal allies hope for:

These successes could just be a reflection of widespread public disgust with the many different ways that the American political system is broken: the two-party lock on politics, the entrenched advantages of incumbents, the systematic super-enfranchisement of the wealthy and disenfranchisement of the poor. But they also manifest increased trust in non-partisan alternatives and a willingness to try different solutions.

Watch this space. With xenophobia and fear spreading across the political landscape in Europe and the US, it is heartening to see a positive, pragmatic form of populism that can be turned to good.

The Midwives of Trump will never confront their political/civic culpability. Mrs. Clinton is the political leader of this coterie, who plans another run for President in 2020: such is the  myopia of the New Democrats.  Failing to confront the growing reality ,that the changes that are reflected in the 2018 Mid-Terms, are the clearest indicators , that old order, Clinton, Pelosi and Slaughter – their protracted long fade from power has begun- that Ms. Slaughter namespositive populism’ and ‘the changing nature of local power’.

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