At The Sunday Times, episode I : Niall Ferguson on Mrs. May’s ‘Brexit Deal’. Old Socialist comments

Headline:The Tudor approach would execute Brexit

Sub-headline: In splitting with Europe, Henry VIII played the long game. So must the UK

Is it a surprise that Mr. Ferguson has chosen Henry VIII, and his schism with the Catholic Church, over his rapacious sexual appetite and lust for power, as his master narrative, to describe, what should have been in the thought of other less historically sophisticated political scribblers, regarding Mrs. May’s Brexit Deal?

Neo-Cons are by definition,  not just apologists for the ‘Strong Man‘ but swoon over the prospect of such a Pseudo-Hero! Munich has been shanghaied far too many times, to even approach a credible argument, but the Suez Crisis might just offer some kind of argumentative cogency? Neither will do for Ferguson, whose intellectual/political/historical sophistication renders anything besides Henry’s Reformation untenable!

The good grey Mr. Wolf , at The Financial Times, is always about staying within the parameters of bourgeois political respectability. Although he is one of its architects, he sometimes forgets his role, as titular leaders of this very important coterie. Mr. Ferguson doesn’t operate under such a stricture of historically informed thought, steeped ,of course, in an ideological commitment to the cult of power as exercised by a Pseudo-Hero, as constructed in the advantageous political moment.

Old Socialist

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