M. 37% ( @EmmanuelMacron ) is the New Leader of The Neo-Liberal Enlightenment? Old Socialist comments

M. 37% practices his own version of authoritarianism, maladroitly self-described as Jupertarian Politics built upon ‘Rule by Decree’ that now seems to to have devolved into a slow-motion disarray. But The Financial Times hireling Harriet Agnew quotes from Macron ,with a bit of propaganda embellishment, as part of  strategy at rescuing that retrograde  ‘Énarque Anti- Revolution’  :

During Sunday’s service, the French president issued a plea for international co-operation to fight new challenges such as climate change, poverty, famine and inequality, and against “withdrawal, violence and domination.” He urged action at a time when “old demons are resurfacing,” adding: “History sometimes threatens to take its tragic course again and compromise our hope of peace. Let us vow to prioritise peace over everything.”

Énarque Macron appears to be  not just tone deaf but a bungler like Reagan. Reagan got into trouble when he ‘went off script’. M. 37% is too lost in his hubris to consider such a strategy.

Headline:Storm over Macron’s remarks on homage to Nazi-collaborator Pétain

Sub-headline: French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday denounced a “pointless polemic” that has flared up after his defence of Nazi-collaborator Philippe Pétain’s record as a general in World War I. On Wednesday he declared that a homage to Pétain, who was imprisoned after World War II for heading a pro-Nazi government, would be “legitimate”.


What is not really puzzling is that a large segment of the ,what to call them, ‘Left’ ‘Progressives’ have adopted M. 37 % as the ‘voice of political reason’.  In their desperate search for a politician, that appears to be the polar opposite of the Know-Nothing Trump, and his congressional henchmen McConnell and Ryan. Such is the gullibility of my fellow Americans, who look to staunch Neo-Liberal Obama as a ‘standard ‘ of enlightened political leadership!

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