janan.ganesh@ft.com on Trump vs Macron. American Writer comments

The Financial Times headline writers have done their best to imitate the pathetic, bloated yet almost resonant hot air, that David Brooks makes his specialty of the house, at his perch at the New York Times: its epic bloat!

Headline: An era of estrangement distracts America and Europe.

Sub-headline: Divergent interests and global roles rather than Trump will lead them to grow apart

Mr. Ganesh’s first paragraph compares the Know-Noting Trump to M. 37%, its almost adequate propaganda:

Conservatives know liberal panic about the 45th US president as “Trump derangement syndrome”. Less diagnosed, though presenting similar symptoms, is Macron vexation disorder. Something about the president of France — his youth, his Molière-quoting polish — makes populists around the world hope for his failure with a zeal that verges on backhanded compliment.

Its almost ‘as if’ that feuilleton writing  Tory Hipster, or is it New Labour Hipster?, is back in fine form? What is the difference between Tory and New Labour? The questions ramify the further one explores this pregnant first paragraph.

As one of those suffering from ‘M. 37% Heresy’ in the reality based world of anti-apologetic propaganda: the  ‘Populists’  fear Macron why? Because of the gaffs, or scandals that follow his appearances, his ‘Bodyguard‘ and ‘Pétain‘ are just two  examples of his maladroit, or just the expression of a dull-witted énarque?

Or the utterly laughable authoritarianism, with the moniker of ‘Jupertarian Politics’? The sine qua non of M. 37% : ‘Molière-quoting polish’ qualifies as part of his Upper-Class education and his Social Class! M. 37% is a natural ‘Leader’ in the highly stratified world that is the ‘Conservative Universe’ !

That M. 37% has become the ‘touchstone’ of political rationalism of American ‘Liberals’ and or ‘Progressives’ , that  demonstrates both their cultivated ignorance of Neo-Liberalism a la francaise’s Front Man, allied to their political desperation, in facing the fact that the New Democrats will never reform themselves. The fact that Mrs. Clinton will run again in 2020 is indicative of  the Party’s sclerosis!

Quoting Neo-Conservative Robert Kagan demonstrates Mr. Ganesh’s inability to come to terms with the fact that Mr. Kagan, is a fully vested member of the bellicose Nationalism that he  spends so may words inveighing against. 

The attitudinal gap between Europe and the US has hardly narrowed since Robert Kagan described it in Of Paradise and Power, 15 years ago.  

To shanghai Harold Bloom’s metaphor, Mr. Ganesh’s essays are always a map of self-serving political misreadings.

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