@EdwardGLuce, one of the Posh Boys, on the continuing American Political Melodrama: Kavanaugh edition. Political Observer comments

Mr. Luce, from your column of today:

Headline The deluge of vitriol swamping American politics

Sub-headline: The constitution has become a plaything of two increasingly venomous parties

In practice, the US system is dissolving in vitriol. The constitution was designed to discourage organised factions. History has turned full circle. That body of laws is now a plaything of two increasingly venomous parties. One deserves more of the blame. But the other is catching up.


Not quite a preposterous charade, but awash in Posh Boys hand·wringing over political vitriol. A riff on the lack of civility, that really meant not paying proper deference to the Political Elites.  In sum, both parties are guilty! This Party line is defended by respectable bourgeois pundits like yourself, of a past, that has morphed into a more nihilistic form, in the toxic political present. Yet for all your historical references, you are yet moored in that present, garnished by politically convenient history made to measure.

You ,of course, don’t look at the inconvenient historical fact of the collapse of institutionalized Neo-Liberalism,  that both Parties unstintingly praised as the necessary point of arrival at a New Utopia. That mirrored the State Capitalism, that was the end point of the October Revolution and its betrayers Lenin and Stalin.

Among the bad actors of the present political melodrama: Grassley, Feinstein, and the sclerotic Dixiecrat Orrin Hatch. The particulars are here, as reported in the America’s Political Gossip sheet Politico.

Headline: Feinstein and Grassley spar as hearing kicks off

Sub-headline: It’s considered a make-or-break moment for the embattled Supreme Court nominee.


But the last three paragraphs of your intervention are worthy of due consideration. Has shopworn politically, not to speak of pseudo-histrionically framed moralizing, had a more adept  practitioner?

Will America rediscover its better angels? Therapists say a failing marriage passes the point of no return when contempt becomes routine.

America has suffered divorce before — in the civil war of the 1860s. No one expects history to repeat itself. But it is hard to shake the fear that the past remains highly relevant.

As William Faulkner once wrote: The past is not dead. It is not even past.

Political Observer



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