janan.ganesh@ft.com on the Kavanaugh Melodrama. Political Observer comments

Here are some of the cringe or guffaw inducing sentences, the reader can take her pick, that make up Mr. Ganesh’s latest essay on the American political scene with the main dramatis personae of Trump, Kavanaugh, the Judiciary Committee. And the most important political actors in this melodrama: Ms. Ford, Ms. Ramirez. and Ms. Swetnick.

It will be the second most important event in Washington.

But his serene glide to the bench is now in trouble.

Without it, we are left to the tawdry work of weighing the politics rather than the substance of this saddest of rolling stories.

Until Tuesday, when a “female assistant” was hired, the grim prospect beckoned of Ms Ford’s interrogation by the all-male Republicans on the committee.

With the right replacement, he would be better off than he is now.

His technical merits were never doubted

But his rumoured shortlist included at least one.

But the political reptile in him must see that no judge would be trickier for Democrats to oppose and electrify his own voters quite as much.

He might curse the Federalist Society and other conservative judicial candidate-vetters, but the reputational damage would be his.

As soon as Ms Ford came forward, he was choosing between lesser and greater evils.

Even then, facts will be elusive 36 years after the event.

If there is such a thing as a pyrrhic defeat, this is it.


I have taken these sentences out of context, but all but one marks the end of a paragraph, that seeks to rescue his  jejune commentary, by garnishing it with something like stylistic bravado, pardon my hyperbole. Or might it be better expressed by the not quite realized attempt at telling aphorism?

Political Observer



@Litmus @StephenKMackSD

Thank you for your comment. That somehow Amy Coney Barrett, who has two adopted Haitian children, is the answer to the Know-Nothing Trump, and his fellow misogynist, to soft pedal Kavanaugh’s reputation, that now appears in tatters. By way of the negative optics contributed by three of his former classmates, is to demonstrate once more that Ganesh lacks knowledge of American life and politics, not to speak of the racial animus that Mr. Bannon brought with him. He may be gone but Trump’s also shares that racial animosity. His stance on the Central Park Five was/is a scandal! Those Haitian children do not appeal to Trump’s Dixiecrat followers! Nor to McConnell and the rest of the Republicans!

Mr. Ganesh is a scribbler, who writes what used to be, in its British context ,at the least an exercise in entertaining polemics, and or political cynicism. He was accomplished in that very particular genre, not a crowed field . Mr. Ganesh is out of his element and its patently obvious. I can’t think of another political writer who shares Mr. Ganesh’s gift for the acerbic and its telling barbs. Trump’ words to Mr. Ganesh would be his usual refrain ‘Your Fired’!



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