Maci, Macron, Moreno: The Neo-Liberal Three Musketeers celebrated by the Economic Bucaneers at The Financial Times. Almost Marx comments

With Macri in Argentina, Macron in France, and Moreno now in power in Ecuador fulfills the Neo-Liberal wet dream. The object lesson of North America and most of Europe with the destructive, indeed nihilistic power of that Free Market, is lost on these front men? That Moreno betrayed his political ally Correa just sweetens it for the Free Market Darwinist: Red in Tooth and Claw is the very nature of that Free Market Mythology.

In February, Mr Moreno won a key referendum that in effect barred Mr Correa from returning to the presidency. He has started to unpick his predecessor’s socialist legacy, making overtures to the business community and members of the rightwing opposition.

Even as those editors and writers, at this propaganda sheet, write as if the immiseration of the lower orders, dubbed ‘inequality’ by respectable academic apologists, and their bourgeois reportorial  allies, is non-existent. Neo-Liberalism is by its very nature is Stalinist: historical erasure its tool of choice

Yet the rise of Jeremy Corbyn continues unabated, even in the face of concerted campaign of defamation against him, waged in the pages of this newspaper,with the enthusiastic cooperation of the Tories and New Labour: they won’t go quietly!

What of  the political fate of  Moreno? A man, and politician, who not only betrayed a political ally and comrade, but the very campaign he waged to win election, was also subject to an utter betrayal .  Can the reader speculate, that as in France, the Unions and other civic organizations will wage their campaign against Moreno by using ‘rolling strikes’ and other forms of  civic protest to check his plan to  ‘promote private enterprise’ ?

Almost Marx




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