Andy Divine’s screeching on race and Anti-Semitism. Old Socialist scoffs! (Updated April 1, 2018)

The readership of Andy Divine needn’t worry. He returns today ,in all his self-defensive verbosity: he wants to assure his readers that his beliefs about the natural inferiority of black people is scientifically based. He manages to sound the rhetoric of a British colonialist of another age, or the notes sounded by The National Review’s 1955 editorial on the vexing questions of the end of British colonialism, and the Civil Right struggles in America. Based upon the belief that black people were ill equipped for political/moral autonomy. Andy Divine’s beliefs  on the question of race ,and the genetically demonstrated inferiority of blacks as presented in ‘The Bell Curve’. And other expressions of an utterly corrupt Conservative Sociology and Genetics make the critical reader wince!

This seismic op-ed’ by geneticist David Reich,  as characterized by Mr. Divine, provides  him with the latest provocation from The Left :

For many on the academic and journalistic left, genetics are deemed largely irrelevant when it comes to humans.

Call Mr. Divine’s belief that once might have been framed in Social Darwinist terms, via the Conservative Sociology  in The Bell Curve,  will  now to be framed in the newest more scientifically based Genetic Determinism. This provides another opportunity to inveigh against one of his prime targets of his hysterical rantings: The Left  in its many nihilist iterations.

Another  attraction of Mr. Divine’s weekly encyclical: he assures his readership, as he pronounces on  the Anti-Semitism of Jeremy Corbyn, that he too can follow the Party Line  of the New Labour hacks: note that he has two very prestigious fellow travelers, in Bret Stephens at The New York Times  (@BretStephensNYT) and Jonathan Freedland at The Guardian (@Freedland). The hysteria mongering of the Neo-Liberals, about to be replaced by  a resurgent Labour Party, that has rebuked the New Labour of Tony Blair and his epigones, has sent the faithful into a state of political panic, not seen since the initial rise of this ‘Back-Bencher’.

As the Financial Times once presented the case for the political rise of Corbyn, now discarded, it was a manifestation of The Rebellion Against The Elites. The rising popularity of Corbyn, and the surge in the number of the young voters joining the Labour Party, is the proximate cause of the panic/hysteria of Andy Divine, Bret Stephens and Jonathan Freedland and their political allies, like the for rent Tony Blair.

Old Socialist

P.S. Note that the search for Apostates is a Christian Tradition, but of more relevance is that the Catholic Church’s history of burning-at-the-stake, of religious non-conformists as late as 1600 : Giordano Bruno being the last. Andy Divine’s appetite for producing an endless supply of hysterical indictments, of those non-conformists of the political present, is just part of a benighted tradition:

Editor’s note: Following is a list of Catholic theologians and others disciplined by the Vatican during the papacy of John Paul II. Though not an exhaustive list, it is a substantial representation of the range of people subject to papal discipline during the past 26 years. The list was compiled by Tara Harris, assistant to the editor.


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