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According to Mr. Giles the law of cause and effect has somehow been annulled, as an @FT propagandist, he follows the Party Line with a few enhancements. Or should the reader call his extemporizing on, by now, shopworn  themes of Free Market Nihilism ? According to a 2016 report there are at least seven million British citizens living in poverty:

Headline: Study finds 7m Britons in poverty despite being from working families

Sub-headline: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which commissioned report, urges government to monitor situation amid Brexit fallout

More than 7 million people in the UK are living in poverty despite being part of a working family, according to a study which uncovers how deprivation is increasingly linked to the high cost and insecurity of private rented accommodation.

The report, commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) also found that disability is increasingly linked to the changing nature of poverty. If the costs of disability are taken into account, half of those in poverty are either disabled or living with a disabled person.

The inability of The Financial Times, and its hirelings, to even come  close to what might be a welcome exercise in political/moral candor, about the utter catastrophe that was/is The Free Market Swindle remains! Sack cloth and ashes should be the permanent garments of this newspaper, its editors and it writers. And its cafeteria should dispense bread and water!

Almost Marx


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