Arianna Huffington in trouble, again! Myra Breckenridge comments

Is it wrong to enjoy a few guilty moments of schadenfreude given this ‘news story’ by America’s New Hedda Hopper, Marlow Stern, at the Daily Beast journalistic shit -hole? The choice is limited as to models, Joyce Haber wasn’t obsessed with commies, fellow travelers, and queers, and Rona Barrett was just a starry-eyed fan with a mean streak, who longed to be glamorous !

Mr. Stern’s almost morality play features protagonist, the beloved/reviled  social/political climber Arianna Huffington! Here is just a screen capture of the illustration and headline. The reading of this should not be marred by selective quotation, the reader must just sink into this rich historical analysis of Ms. Huffington’s bad judgement, mendacity allied to and utterly annoying earnestness: three of the hallmarks of her career in both Britain and  America.

Sincerely yours,

Myra Breckenridge

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