On Mrs. May’s ‘highly likely’. Political Observer comments

The new casus belli for a war with Russia, and its Putin The Terrible, will be the ‘highly likely’ ? The fading political career and ‘leadership’ of Mrs. May will be rescued by launching a Trident? Or its equivalent as itemized by loyalist Mr. Rachman? Mrs. May’s pronouncement of the weak dogma of ‘highly likely’ is almost comparable to the political naif Colin Powell’s UN address? Without the fanfare, that was the nadir of his career and established in the public mind his utter gullibility! The battlefield and the world of politics requires an Eisenhower ?
The New Cold War advances by the self-delusions, better yet lies, constructed by a political class across Europe and America. Whose political necrophilia is fueled by a Neo-Conservative coterie of Porcine Spartans like Wm. Kristol and Robert Kagan financed by Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer. But beware, this ‘War’ against Russia will at the same historical moment require a ‘Second Front’ against Iran!

Political Observer


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