@johnastoehr shames the California Democratic Party, for its failure to endorse Sen. Feinstein in the pages of The Daily Beast Journalistic shit-hole. Old Socialist scoffs!

John Stoehr adopts the chatty and dismissive style of so much political writing done for the Popular Press! He and Tomasky are as one in the use of this vulgar rhetorical gambit. And their shared distaste for the heretical New Dealer Sen. Sanders, as New Democratic supporters of Mrs. Clinton.  Stoehr scolds the Democrats for not endorsing New Democrat Feinstein, who he pictures as not perfect, but a part of the bulwark against Trump and Trumpism, the NRA and other ‘political evils’!

Such is this writer’s desperation, he even quotes from the Saul Alinsky’s classic ‘Rules for Radical’ as an antidote against what Mr. Stoehr considers to be an excess of ‘political purity‘, on the part of Democrats who unlike Sen. Feinstein haven’t gotten their ‘hands dirty’ with actual politics. The voice of the Party Hack is heard! The fact that the New Democrats were part of a political class, that were and are the Midwives of Trump: whose Free Market Ideology produced economic/political catastrophe, that has yet to produce the Self-correcting Market as the fulfillment of its theology, is beyond the ken of Mr. Stoehr. Or more likely this is about self-exculpation!

Yet what he leaves out is Sen. Feinstein’s impeccable Neo-Liberal credentials, and her support for the crimes, not just the predations of the American National Security State, and its War on Terror. But not to forget her demonstrable  ‘courage’ on Torture Report, that she ‘valiantly crusaded’ for! If she had chosen to act on her dissatisfaction, she could have simply taken what she had, fragments and or whole sections of the actual ‘Report’, and gone on the Senate floor, and read it into the record without fear of legal action. The members of the House and Senate enjoy immunity from prosecution for their comments on the floor of their respective houses of Congress.

But Sen. Feinstein is a member of long standing of the ‘Boys Club’, and its due deference to each other, that is the hallmark of the Feinstein’s attention to that actual imperative: she would have never taken such a radical step, that would have taken her outside the area of Senate good citizenship! This makes Sen. Feinstein the perfect candidate according to the imperatives presented by Mr. Stoehr!

Old Socialist



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