On the failure of the McConnell & Ryan congressional leadership. Political Observer comments

Where have McConnell and Ryan been? They have had ample time to come up with an alternative to the Heritage Foundation Health Care! Where was a Working Group on Health Care ‘Reform’ , made up of Senate and House Republicans, and their Think Tank allies, that could have produced a Free Market alternative, to the present Free Market version of ‘Obama Care’? The answer to that question is obvious, if viewed historically, The Tea Party mentality that governs the current Republican Party is nihilist in outlook and practice: Sen. Richard Lugar was one of the  last Conservative Republicans who believed in governance as the ‘art of the possible’ was defeated by a Tea Party candidate in 2012.

Could it be this give away to the Insurance Companies, Obama Care, has only one viable political alternative, Single Payer? Was the politically addled Mr. George F. Will prescient? 2018 is just around the political corner. Will the Clinton Wing of the Party miss this opportunity at self-reform, or cling to Hillary-as-Victim narrative?: Hillary as victim of the Comey/Putin/Assange Cabal? Or make way for the New Dealers Warren and Sanders? Or will it take a loss in 2020 to see a tear stained end to Clintonism? Another pressing question, when will Trump utter his infamous tag line ‘Your Fired’ to both McConnell and Ryan? Stay tuned!

Political Observer



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