America’s 30 Years War: David Petraeus, Jane Harman and Conor Friedersdorf contemplate the dismal future of The American Empire. American Writer comments

The perfect concatenation of The Atlantic Magazine, ‘The Aspen Ideas Festival’, David Petraeus, Jane Harman and Mr. Friedersdorf: in sum, America’s 30 Years War will continue until it’s apologists do what? Concoct a war against Iran? As the Devil that haunts the waking and dreaming life of these hacks, that are the natural inheritors of the paranoid fantasies of Samuel P. Huntington, and his ‘Clash’?  Everyone is not just a ‘potential enemy’ but an actual enemy: Carl  Schmitt’s Friend/Enemy crude political distinction becomes the central Dogma of The American National Security State? The question of AUMF raised by Harmon and the Constitution raised by Friedersdorf are an expression of what? The utter irrelevance of that Constitution: the imperatives of the American National Security State now rule as, not just primary, but of a pressing necessity: the Enemy is incapable of ‘rationality’, the theology of the Cold War re-framed for the more dire ‘Clash’.

Or will it be a war with Russia? that the New Democrats, Hillary Clinton and her allies at The State Dept. Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice, who would, if they could, bring that 30 Years War to a series of catastrophic denouements?

American Writer


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