The Argentine Political Melodrama, episode LVII: Macri/Dujovne Righteous Reformers vs Fiery Populist Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Old Socialist comments

A collection of ‘News Articles’ from The Financial Times :

Headline: Cristina Fernández to lead new alliance in Argentina elections

Sub-headline: Fiery populist’s comeback threatens to split opposition vote in legislative mid-terms


Headline: Fernández eyes influential role in midterm Argentine elections

Sub-headline: Former president will have decisive impact on vote that may have economic implications


Headline: Argentina’s Mauricio Macri weathers storm as Peronists in disarray

Sub-headline: Floundering opposition struggles to challenge reform


Headline: Cristina Fernández charged in Argentina corruption case

Sub-headline: Former president suffers her biggest legal setback after public works accusations


The lack of a legislative majority and the return of ‘fiery populist’ Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is causing political distress for Prat-Gay’s successor Nicolás Dujovne: he declares, as reported by Benedict Mander:

Mr Dujovne is confident that Ms Fernández will not return to the presidency.

“The principal tail risk is the return of populism, but that’s not going to happen,” he says. “Argentine society does not want to return to its past of authoritarianism, lies and corruption.”

Mr Dujovne‘s credentials are impressive:

But nothing is more impressive than Mr. Prat-Gay’s CV, yet there is this:

Prat-Gay was appointed minister of financed in 2015, by president Mauricio Macri. In that capacity, he successfully ended the currency controls established by Cristina Kirchner and the sovereign default declared in 2001. He also helped to restore international relations, and the update of the figures of the wealth tax, which had not been updated in previous years in line with inflation. He had conflicting views of the economy with Federico Sturzenegger, president of the Central Bank of Argentina. By demand of president Macri, he resigned on December 26, 2016,[15] and was succeeded by Nicolás Dujovne.[16]

The Argentine Political Melodrama, as it unfolds in the august pages of  The Financial  Times is, in sum, about the Neo-Liberalization of an economic rogue state. That melodrama’s central conflict is between the Macri/Dujovne Righteous Reformers vs the utterly corrupt Fiery Populist Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. This has all the subtlety of a prime time television soap opera.

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