Andy Divine on Trump, the British Election & the perpetual menace of ‘Left Wing Students’. Old Socialist comments

Andy Divine serves up more Trump Hysterics, instead he should be paraded in front of the world in sack cloth and ashes, for his part in making ‘The Donald’ a part of American’s rickety political furniture. His last contribution was his mealymouthed ‘endorsement’ of the vile Mrs. Clinton, she appeared in the guise of ‘the lesser of two evils’ .

Then Mr. Divine takes a swing at the British election, its the usual New Labour chatter: the object of his contempt is Jeremy Corby who is presiding over the wake for New Labour. See this informative essay, at the Tory tabloid The Financial Times, for the data on the impending ‘hung parliament’ that gains a rhetorical nod from our expert.

This on Mrs. May’s strategy as answer to Mr. Corbyn:

And this Financial Times wan endorsement of Mrs. May, that echos Mr. Devine’s faint praise for Hillary :

And on the vexing question of the bulling of the Evergreen College students, on one of their own, raises the equally vexing question of Mr. Divine’s troubling history of his own attempts to silence his critics: his late subscription site had no comment section, his ‘Dish’ column, or better yet, a nearly autonomous opinion duchy, eventually did not have a comments section. He convinced Ms. Tina Brown, the editor of The Daily Beast, that one was not needed, or was in fact actually superfluous. Move further back in Mr. Divine’s career, and the reader encountered his rhetorical bulling of those who dared to express an opinion on 9-11, that did not echo his own, in The New York Observer. Or his shameless advocacy, in the pages of The New Republic for ‘The Bell Curve’.

Here is a link to Charles Lane’s devastating critique in New York Review of Books, commentary that challenges the sources of that ‘Conservative Sociology’:

Or this essay by Charles P. Pierce at Esquire that comments on the Rightward drift of The New Republic under the editorship of Martin Peretz and his editor Mr. Divine:

And this from the Southern Poverty Law Center on Charles Murray:

Mr. Divine engages , at crucial moments, in more adroit forms of bulling, and attempts to silence , shame and hold his critics up to public ridicule. And at other times he engages in lazy political hysterics, or appeals to those in editorial power, that characterizes his critics as illegitimate, if not 5th Columnists, who threaten an utterly perverted ‘Centrism’

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