At The Financial Times: Theresa May as the ‘lesser of two evils’. A comment by Political Reporter

This pronouncement by the editors of the august Financial Times ought to produce guffaws in the regular reader of this Tory tabloid:

The Financial Times has no fixed party allegiances. This publication stands for a liberal agenda: a small state, free trade, free markets and social justice.

The Financial Times allegiance is to Neo-Liberalism, even in its present state of mid-collapse, and the utter failure of Austerity, as the answer to the predations of Robber Capital. And the fiction that the EU Cartel is some how an answer to the Enlightenment Dream of a United Europe: A Cosmopolitan State Utopia that is instead a collection of states under a German Hegemony headed by the Merkel/Schäuble duo. As for ‘Social Justice’, what did Ebenezer Scrooge opine? Are there no Work Houses? Not quite that bad, but descriptive of ‘the climate of opinion’ on the undeserving poor! And that designation is about what is never discussed in this publication, rampant class prejudice, except the perpetual denigration for the lower orders, in all its Oakshottian contemptuous dimensions, that focuses on Corbyn and his politics from below. Call this the end of the New Labour of Tony Blair.

Not too many weeks ago this publication was pronouncing on the inevitable and ignominious defeat of the Political Nostalgic Jeremy Corby! Now, this newspaper has discovered that the Tory Triumphalism doesn’t match the polling data, meaning that Mr. Corbyn’s ‘political nostalgia’ is making dangerous inroads into a once apathetic electorate. There is an Alternative in answer to Thatcher’s shibboleth? The possibility of a ‘hung parliament’ now looms large in Tory speculation, or should it be called panic?

That ‘old backbencher’ seems to have a canny ability to rebuild Labour. But never fear, the headline writers at The Financial Times realize that a propaganda campaign is not just about the substance of a ‘news story’,  but about the proper rhetorical framing that the headline offers to the wiley political publicist:

Headline:Theresa May seeks to stem Corbyn surge with declaration on Brexit

Sub-headline: Prime minister puts focus back on EU divorce after opinion poll jitters

The old political standbys of the Financial Times’ politics are in evidence, to admonish voters as the benighted character of  Mr. Corbyn. The Lesser of Two Evils and the resurgent Antisemitism and Misogyny of Labour : May as that lesser of those two evils,  and the manufactured Antisemitism Crisis of the Labour Party, authored by Jonathan Freedland out of an American editorial cartoon depicting the reality that Israel is America’s 51st State. And Ken Livingstone’s accurate recounting of history, no matter how inconvenient to the Zionist Apologists. Tony Blair was always a reliable ally of those apologists.
Also, consider the May’s no-show at the debate. What would Political Technocrat Lynton Crosby advise? Or had he advised May, that she was not quite a match for a more experienced debater Corbyn? Other technocrats would call her no-show ‘bad optics’, the ‘as if’ here being that May was afraid of debating her chief rival. This translates into a perceived weakness. Mrs. May is not the ‘Iron Lady’, more like Tin-Foil Lady.
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