The Guardian on ‘the focus of conspiracy theorists’, while it ignores its in-house propagandist Jonathan Freedland. Political Observer comments

A prominent ally of Donald Trump suggested on Sunday that the special counsel appointed to investigate alleged links between the president’s aides and Russia should instead focus on the murder last year of a young Democratic staffer, Seth Rich, which has become the focus of conspiracy theorists.

Mr. Gingrich may not be  a reliable source of information, yet this reader, given the empirical evidence, that The Guardian has published Jonathan Freedland’s political hysterics against the Corbyn wing of the Labour Party’s and its purported Antisemitism, based on the ‘evidence’ of an American editorial cartoon, and the historically accurate comments of Ken Livingstone.

‘The focus of conspiracy theorists’ is the rhetorical means of placing the very real concerns that the possible leaker, Seth Rich, of the Podesta e mails, was murdered for his ‘crime’. In sum it is the ‘crackpot fringe’, not the respectable bourgeois press, that believes in such conspiracy theories, yet The Guardian is home to one of the confectors of the Labour Antisemitism Crisis.

March 18, 2016

Race Issues: Opinion

Headline: Labour and the left have an antisemitism problem

Sub-headline: Under Jeremy Corbyn the party has attracted many activists with views hostile to Jews. Its leaders must see why this matters

April 29, 2016

Israel: Opinion

Headline:My plea to the left: treat Jews the same way you’d treat any other minority

Sub-headline : The row over Ken Livingstone and Labour antisemitism has exposed people who think they’re anti-racist – but make a curious exception for Jews

May 3, 2016

Headline: British Labour Party Accused Of Harboring Anti-Semites

NPR’s Robert Siegel interviews Jonathan Freedland, columnist for The Guardian, about the problems within the British Labour Party and the political left over anti-Semitism.

Freedland as a New Labour stalwart: his  first challenge was to confect out the ‘evidence’: an American editorial cartoon and Ken Livinstone’s comments, a political nihilism, against the reigning orthodoxy of Neo-Liberalism, and its front man Corbyn. Now that Corbyn is a moderate Social  Democrat was an impediment to Mr. Freedland’s propaganda. So  as  a consequence of Mr. Freedland’s Philo-Semitism and/or Zionist fanaticism he wove an unconvincing narrative, which gained credibility only as it was endlessly repeated in the respectable bourgeois press, as fact. The Blairite Faction had its foothold on the popular imagination, that of the heretical Corbyn. Yet in the political present,  in the run up to the June election, Corbyn is attracting record crowds, of the young who have had enough of the Neo-Thatcherites, New  Labour or Tory.

In sum, The Guardian needs to clean house before it has any political credibility to make the trivializing accusation of  ‘The focus of conspiracy theorists’!

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