Union Buster Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, Old Socialist comments

Not to comprehend that ‘Charter Schools’ are a part of a larger plan to eliminate one of the most powerful weapons against the failed Neo-Liberal Dispensation, Public Sector Unionism. That Unionism was once the core of New Deal politics, as it morphed into The Great Society , and was betrayed by the New Democrats: Bill and Hillary and even Obama! Obama appointed Arnie Duncan to the Dept. of Education another Charter School Apologist/Advocate.
Now we have Betsy DeVos, sister of Right Wing Zealot Eric Prince, directing Educational Policy. Who can’t garner the respect that a Commencement speaker might just take for granted.
Michael Bloomberg spoke at Harvard, where he attacked Occupy Wall Street and other assorted ‘hippies’ who took his iron-fisted treatment of those unruly demonstrators
as what? The Harvard Rule is never disrespect a possible source of endowment!


DeVos had the temerity, even the shamelessness to address Bethune-Cookman University’s class of 2017 in Daytona Beach, Florida, where even the threats of the head of the University fell on deaf ears!
Here is the 23 minute version of her Commencement Address:

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