Janan Ganesh gushes over Neo-Liberal Lite Golden Boy Macron, Political Reporter comments

In this essay Mr. Ganesh takes the role of the lovesick Christian de Neuvillette, being tutored  by Cyrano de Bergerac, except that the consistent rhapsodic refrain is not Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne but Macron, Macron, Macron! It would be comic except that Neo-Liberal Golden Boy Macron expects to be treated as an equal by the Merkel/Schaeuble autocracy. The object lesson of the Greeks is subject to the selective myopia of Macron.

And then the reader wonders, what side is Ganesh paying loyalty too? It must be to the EU of Monnet’s coal and steel cartel, ruled by the Technocrats, who practice the Federalism of the Un-elected.  The belief that the EU is somehow representative of the Enlightenment ideal of Cosmopolitanism realized, is the Great Fiction of the deluded ‘Remainers’, who worship at the shrine of St.  Jean Monnet.  The Conservatives, like Mr. Ganesh, just idealize the Super State as Neo-Liberalism avant le lettre.  The realization of the stunted vision of the Holy Trinity of Hayek/Mises/Friedman.

Political Reporter


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