Edward Luce on The Republican Want of Courage: Episode MMDLIII of The American Political Melodrama. Political Observer comments

Mr. Luce calls the Republican Party’s want of courage on the vexing question of Trump ‘a dangerous impasse’ while headline writers at The Financial Times call it: Paralysis grips Republicans over Donald Trump. You can almost hear the newsboys of yesteryear  declaiming this, to the busy passers-by as they press their money into the hand of this character out of the popular imagination.

Where could the reader find a Republican, who holds office in Washington D.C., in the collection of Tea Party, Dixiecrat, Neo-Con, Free Marketeers and various riff raff, of a Party that has long since discarded Lincoln, Eisenhower and even Reagan, in favor of the political irrationalism that is the product of the McConnell/Ryan alliance? Political Nihilists rule the Party, a fact that Luce can’t bring himself to confront with anything like honesty!

Added to the toxic chatter this bit of conspiracy mongering, so totally out of character for a respectable bourgeois pundit:

Most of the sites ignored this week’s revelations and focused on the shooting of Seth Rich, a Democratic staffer who had apparently forwarded thousands of emails to WikiLeaks last summer. Readers were left in no doubt that Hillary Clinton, or people close to her, were involved in Mr Rich’s murder.

So the WikiLeaks e mails were not because of Russian hacking ? A departure from the current Party Line? The imaginative reader can almost picture the murder of Mr. Rich,  Dynasty Style:


Mrs. Clinton is dropped off by her trusty Driver not far from where Mr. Rich’s parking structure. She is dressed in the usual dreadful pants suit in black and black trench coat, a small floppy hat covers her face.

Cut to:

She approaches Rich in the poorly lighted upper story of that structure and he is shocked into silence as Clinton empties the small silver revolver into him as he slumps to the ground.

Cut to:

Clinton, in bathrobe, gives a large plastic bag containing all of her clothing to her Driver ,and not a word is spoken.

Cut to:

Driver is seen throwing the bag into a blazing incinerator and shutting its heavy and smoke stained door.

Cut to black

My imagined scenario of the Rich murder makes as much sense as Mr. Luce’s doomed search for a courageous Republican. Perhaps political naif Colin Powell can be persuaded to come forward?

Political Observer


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